The first Master in Italy to become a professional Coach specialised in Relationship Coaching

At the end of the course you will be a Professional Coach, able to provide coaching consultancy and open your own professional studio. You will also have access to AICOR’s services and facilities, which will support you in the world of work.


4 Specialised Areas of the Master in Relational Coaching

An opportunity for your profession. The valuable pathway for professionals with an internationally recognised qualification


The Master in Relational Coaching that trains professional coaches ready to put themselves on the line, improving relationships and results.


Improve relationships and manage conflicts. Being well with those around you is the secret of happiness.


Improving relationships in business to improve productivity. The value path for managers and entrepreneurs ready to meet new challenges.



Training and specialisation courses in Life & Relationship Coaching
recognised by the Italian Association of Relational Coaching (AICOR)
with the issue of the AICOR Certified Coach title.

«In order to bring out the best in people we must convince ourselves that they are capable of expressing it

To become and to be a Professional Coach, training is of fundamental importance.

The most natural expression of life coaching is relationship coaching, because the entire span of human existence is a matter of relationships with other people. The more balanced, harmonious and fulfilling relationships are, the greater your personal well-being will be.

Whether you are a parent, romantic partner, or professional at any level, you will always be dealing with other human beings, children or adults, and you will benefit enormously from learning how to stimulate the people around you to give their best, rewarding and guiding them, how to sustain a positive and motivating attitude, non-aggressive and effective communication, constructive dialogue, and a fruitful and fulfilling relationship. Coaching provides you with a range of new and incisive tools to optimally manage all relationships: parental, professional and emotional, with great benefit for your personal well-being as well as your professional success.

Creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship is not an innate ability, but a knowledge we learn from our parents and the adults who care for us, who become our role models. These role models can be healthy and unhealthy, with an infinite variety of nuances in between.

Our training programme:

  • is recognised for 100 hours of specific training in Coaching according to the “11 key competences of Coaching” of ICF International Coach Federation (ACSTH);
  • is recognised by ICF International Coach Federation as specific training in Coaching , through the issue of professional credits (CCE);
  • complies with strict national and international ethical, deontological and methodological standards;
  • 100 hours of training with issue of training credits;
  • title of Professional Coach recognised by AICOR (Italian Association of Relational Coaching);
  • at the end of the course you will have access to the association as a professional coach, with services and facilities that will open up and support you in the world of work;
  • the training programme is a professional pathway for learning Coaching in line with the standards of Professional Coaching defined by the UNI 11601:2015 Standard; 
  • is in line with the standards of Professional Coaching defined by Law n. 4/2013;
  • is implemented with the experiential methodology;
    places available:
  • maximum 25 for each training session.

Total cost of the whole course: € 2,700.00

vat excluded.


The registration fee includes:
– 10 days of Coaching course compliant with Standard UNI 11601:2015
– study handout and recognised diploma

Directorate of Education

Maurizio Lambardi and Gloria di Capua, Life & Relationship Coaches, ACC ICF Associate Certified Coaches, AICP and ICF Coaches, Founders and Board Members of AICOR (Italian Association of Relational Coaching).

Who the courses are aimed at:

  • to those who want to make coaching their profession, by increasing their knowledge in the field or starting from scratch, in order to obtain a recognised qualification and train in a qualified, advanced and innovative way
  • professionals from different sectors, but working in the field of education, support and assistance to the person, who want to enrich their personal training with coaching skills;
  • those who want to improve their skills in working life, optimising their ability to succeed professionally and their ability to relate to colleagues, clients and staff;
  • those who want to improve their personal awareness, acquiring training that enhances their ability to relate to family members, partners, friends and colleagues;
  • those who want to learn techniques for mediation and conflict resolution within the family system or in a couple’s relationship.
    4-5 October 2021
    1-2-3 November 2021
    16-17-18 December 2021
    14-15 January 2022 pre-exam and final exam

    *50% deposit required for registration.
    Maximum 25 participants per edition

    Course days are from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

    If several lessons are missed, it will be possible to make them up during one of the subsequent courses on the calendar, subject to verification of the maximum number of participants; in this case the final qualification will be awarded on completion of the hours envisaged and passing of the final test.

    Where the courses are held:

    Conference Hall of the Tennis Club of Castiglioncello – Via della Pineta 7, 57016 Castiglioncello (LI)

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